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Join the fun!

Get to know a horse! 
2017 lessons began March 1st and end October 28th. Call NOW to sign up, Leona after 3pm, at 507-583-7591 or email at  leave your address and ask her to send you a 2017 brochure and liability waiver.
There will be 4-10 students in a class. Lessons will be geared to the students age and ability. We teach progressive lessons in balanced seat riding that can be used for most riding disciplines.
Each student must have, for safety reasons, boots or shoes with a heel (large or thick soled shoes or boots are not safe). They must wear pants and an equestrian helmet. The helmet must be adjusted at home to fit properly. Students also must have a liability waiver on file, provided by MGHS LLC.
Skills they will learn are grooming, tacking, proper handling, balanced seat riding, horsemanship, riding around and over obstacles, and trail riding. We play games to make the lessons fun and to change the routine.
Lessons begin with the students grooming and then tacking up their assigned horse. Students are encouraged to learn the barn rules and make an effort to learn the language of horses. Handouts on rules, horses, riding, tack, grooming and showing will be made available.
NEW STUDENTS can join at any time during the summer schedule and can take as many lessons as they are able. NEW STUDENTS must take at least 1 private lesson  before joining the group. Private lessons are $35 each, with our horse or $40 with your horse, and will be set up outside of group times.

Each lesson is 45-60 minutes long with a minimum of a 1/2 hour of actual riding. New students can join at any time but must take one private lesson before they can join a group lesson. Private lessons are $35. A new student may sign up at any time and take as many or as few lessons as they wish. However the more riding a student does the quicker they will become proficient.

You must call by noon on the day of they lesson to cancel or pay for the lesson. Lessons are not divided by age groups, as we accommodate families with multi-age students.

Younger students may require the participation of a parent or substitute to lead their horse.

There are opportunities to lease a horse for a local horse show.   You must practice ride several times a week outside of your regular lesson to attend a show.

You must call to cancel at least by noon
on the day of the lesson or pay for the lesson.


Tuesday 4:00 & 5:30

Wednesday 4:00 & 5:30 

Thursday 4:00 & 5:30

Advanced riders: Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm we must have 4 students signed up to schedule the class.


Private lessons by appointment

Gaming lessons by appointment 


Group: $20 /lesson

Private: $35/ lesson with our horse

             $40/lesson with your horse

Practice riding: $20/hour if you catch and tack your horse $25 if you don't.

 Annual closed show for students only Aug. 26th, Sat . at 1pm, a potluck meal at about 5pm.

We want each student to be as safe as possible- proper clothing and equestrian helments must be worn to ride NO exceptions.

If an accident should occur Leona & Mary-Rose are both certified in first aid and CPR.  

Horsemanship Clinics to be held Jan.17th and 31st and Feb. 21st. Check out MorningGlory Hill Stable LLC Facebook  for agenda.

Looking forward to meeting you.

 Rock, Renegade, Charlie, Bing, Storm, Shania, Burbon, Scotch, Rocket, Moonshine, Windsor, Dakota & Corona  are waiting.
 Up and comers (horses to be added to the lessons) Captain, Brandy, Royal, Chance.  

Wear warm clothes if starting in March.

Morning Glory Hill Stable LLC * 507-583-7591 * 507-456-8192
*Blooming Prairie, MN * 55917

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